2011 Calculations Exam Questions and Answers

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ISBN: 9780980178753; 0980178754
Author: Tom Henry
Pages: 361

2011 Calculations Exam Questions and Answers contains nine chapters of solid calculation instruction that cover:

  • Continuous loads
  • Branch circuits
  • Ampacity and correction factors for ambient temperatures and neutral conductors
  • Conductor terminations per 110.14(C)
  • Advantages of using 90 degree Celsius conductors (THHN)
  • Calculating motor overload protection, along with overcurrent protection and wire sizing for the branch circuit and feeder for single phase and three phase motors
  • Sizing taps
  • Box/conduit sizing, along with straight pulls, angle pulls and U pulls for conductor sizes #4 and larger
  • Residential and commercial cooking equipment, single phase ranges on a three phase system
  • Calculating commercial & dwelling service sizes
  • Paralleling conductors
  • Panelboard sizing
  • and more....

Includes five Journeyman and five Master practice exams and answers.