2015 International Fire Code Study Companion

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ISBN-13: 9781609835460
ISBN-10: 1609835468
Pages: 540

2015 International Fire Code Study Companion is a comprehensive self-study guide for the 2015 International Fire Code. It provides a comprehensive review of the provisions in the 2015 IFC, including study sessions on fire protection systems, means of egress, and fire department access and water supply. Other topics include special occupancies and operations such as flammable finishes or motor vehicle fuel-dispensing, as well as hazardous materials such as compressed gases, cryogenic fluids, aerosols and oxidizers. Features:

  • New 60-question online practice exam
  • 18 study sessions
  • 591 total study questions with answer key and code references
  • Applicable code text and code clarification
  • Helpful illustrations and photographs provide additional clarification.

A great resource for the Fire Inspector I, Fire Inspector II, Fire Plans Examiner and Certified Fire Marshal certification exams.