2018 BNi Public Works Costbook

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Pages: 484

2018 BNi Public Works Costbook helps construction contractors quickly and easily estimate the cost of all types of public works projects involving roads, excavation, drainage systems and much more. It is the first place to turn, when preparing a preliminary estimate, evaluating a contractor's bid or submitting a formal budget proposal. Includes accurate and up-to-date material and labor costs for thousands of cost items, based on the latest national averages and standard labor productivity rates, as well as detailed regional cost modifiers for adjusting estimates to local conditions. Features include (i) material costs for thousands of items based on current national averages (including allowances for transport, handling and storage); (ii) labor costs based on the prevailing rates for each trade and type of work, plus man-hour tables tied to each unit costs; (iii) equipment costs including rental and operating costs; (iv) square-foot tables based on the cost-per-square-foot of hundreds of actual projects, invaluable data for quick, ballpark estimates.