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50 Green Projects for the Evil Genius

Brand: McGraw Hill
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ISBN-13: 9780071549592
ISBN-10: 0071549595
Author: Jamil Shariff
Pages: 208
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50 Green Projects for the Evil Genius is a do-it-yourself guide that offers a wide variety of environmentally focused projects readers can accomplish on their own. Topics covered include transportation; alternative fuels; solar, wind and hydro power; home insulation; construction, and more. The projects in this unique guide range from easy to complex and are designed to optimize readers' time and simplify their lives.

  • Features step-by-step instructions for 50 environmentally friendly projects, complete with helpful illustrations
  • Shows you how to design, build, and install your creations
  • Allows you to customize each project for your purposes
  • Removes the frustration factor-all required parts are listed, along with sources