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Acret's California Construction Law Digests 2015 Edition

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ISBN-13: 9781557018557
Author: William D Locher; Eric W Spiess
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Acret's California Construction Law Digests 2015 Edition is an easy way to keep up to date with new construction law developments in California. Readers will see, for example:

  • How a contractor's claim that a municipality had abandoned its construction contract was rejected by the court
  • How to give proper notice of a claim against a payment bond
  • The status of lienability of union fringe benefit claims
  • New cases dealing with "pay if paid" clauses.

This isn't a book of static laws and how to comply. Readers will see how the court decided on different cases, involving interpretations many incidences of contract law and what the final decisions were. Includes information on elements and formation of contract, bidding practices, interpretation of contracts, how California law interprets illegality, changes, modifications and extras, breach of contract, stopping work, rescission, damages, unjust enrichment, negligence, warranty and strict liability, fraud and misrepresentation, special defenses, indemnity, insurance, performance and payment bonds, statutes of limitations, release, trial, architect and engineer malpractice, arbitration agreements, conduct during arbitration hearings, arbitration award, mechanic liens, bankruptcy and more.