Agile Construction for the Electrical Contractor

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ISBN-13: 9780763765620
ISBN-10: 0763765627
Author: Perry Daneshgari
Pages: 240

Agile Construction for the Electrical Contractor provides the tools and guidance needed to transform a traditional, reactive project management style to a new, proactive, profitable, and productive business management model, one that can quickly respond to changing industry needs and remain a profitable enterprise, even during the toughest of times. The book applies proven managerial techniques from other industries to electrical construction through the introduction of agile construction, a new scientifically-based tracking system based on jobsite dynamics and the bottom-line impact of the three sources of cost drivers: money, materials and manpower. This practical and accessible guide to improving operating systems and efficiencies is a must-have for construction company owners, CEOs, project managers, and supervisors with its clear set of practical tools, processes and tips for improving productivity.