ASHRAE 15-2016

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ASHRAE 15-2016 Safety Standard for Refrigeration Systems establishes safeguards for life, limb, health, and property and prescribes safety requirements. This standard is directed toward the safety of persons and property on or near the premises where refrigeration facilities are located and includes specifications for fabrication of tight systems but does not address the effects of refrigerant emissions on the environment. This standard applies to (i) the design, construction, test, installation, operation, and inspection of mechanical and absorption refrigeration systems, including heat pump systems used in stationary applications; (ii) modifications including replacement of parts or components if they are not identical in function and capacity, and (iii) substitutions of refrigerant having a different designation.

ASHRAE 34-2016 Designation and Classification of Refrigerants establishes a simple means of referring to common refrigerants instead of using the chemical name, formula or trade name. It establishes a uniform system for assigning reference numbers, safety classifications and refrigerant concentration limits to refrigerants.

Softcover. Inclues ASHRAE 34-2016.