Biophilic Design

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ISBN-13: 9780470163344
ISBN-10: 0470163348
Author: Stephen R Kellert; Judith Heerwagen; Martin Mador
Pages: 592

Biophilic Design: The Theory, Science and Practice of Bringing Buildings to Life offers a paradigm shift in how we design and build our buildings and our communities, one that recognizes that the positive experience of natural systems and processes in our buildings and constructed landscapes is critical to human health, performance and well-being. Written for architects, landscape architects, planners, developers and environmental designers, as well as building owners, this book is a guide to the theory, science and practice of biophilic design. Twenty-three original and timely essays by world-renowned scientists, designers and practitioners address (i) the basic concepts of biophilia, its expression in the built environment and how biophilic design connects to human biology, evolution and development; (ii) the science and benefits of biophilic design on human health, childhood development, healthcare and more; (iii) the practice of biophilic design-how to implement biophilic design strategies to create buildings that connect people with nature and provide comfortable and productive places for people, in which they can live, work and study.

Biophilic design at any scale, from buildings to cities, begins with a few simple questions: How does the built environment affect the natural environment? How will nature affect human experience and aspiration? Most of all, how can we achieve sustained and reciprocal benefits between the two? This prescient, groundbreaking book provides the answers.