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Carpentry 4th Edition

Brand: Cengage
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ISBN-13: 9781305086180
ISBN-10: 130508618X
Author: Floyd Vogt
Pages: 800
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Residential Construction Academy: Carpentry 4th Edition offers a visual, step-by-step approach to learning how to build a home, while guiding readers through the development of essential workplace skills. The book is constructed within a modular design, with current and concise information crafted logically to help readers master the skills needed for professional success. From start to finish, this book systematically steps through the construction industry, as well as the carpentry techniques, code requirements and best practices associated with constructing a residential building.

  • New procedures emphasize using a circular saw, installing windows and waterproofing chimneys
  • Newly revised chapter highlights procedures and precautions for job site safety
  • New information details drill bits, fasteners and crawl spaces
  • Newly revised "What's Wrong With This Picture" features remind readers of code and safety violations
  • "Know Your Codes" features encourage mastery of local and regional building codes
  • Current with green building techniques
  • Strong emphasis on safety
  • "From Experience" features offer practical advice from an expert carpenter
  • Spanish glossary available.

Based on National Skills Standards for residential construction created by The Home Builders Institute (HBI) and the NAHB.