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Contractor's Guide to Change Orders

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ISBN-13: 9781557014276
ISBN-10: 1557014272
Author: Andrew M Civitello; William D Locher
Pages: 392
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Contractor’s Guide To Change Orders 2nd Edition is designed to provide valuable guidance and working tools for increasing profits.  Everything needed for lean, advantageous contract interpretation is in this single-volume workbook. Readers will be able to uncover all the “hidden” cost items for which they are entitled to receive compensation. What the architect would have previously “clarified,” for example, the owner will now process and pay for as a change order. Each chapter contains step-by-step procedures, checklists, full-sized forms and word-for-word letters that combine to make up the blueprint for the successful submittal of change orders. You will get all the information you need to increase your effectiveness in requesting change orders, while simplifying your work and boosting your change order approval rate and recovery. Secrets of finding, costing, documenting and claiming payment for every added delay and expense! This invaluable tool helps you:

  • Define construction contracts that favor readers' interests
  • Uncover potential change orders in contracts, bid documents, plans and specifications
  • Pinpoint and assign dollar values to all extra-cost components, delays, interruptions and interferences
  • Prepare complete and legally airtight change order proposals
  • Get paid for time delays, rather than winding up with a “granted” time extension, when dealing with government agencies
  • Speed up the entire change order process with proven countermeasures that prevent stalemates, letters that end procrastination and follow-ups that get results
  • Control and monitor subcontractors, suppliers, architects, engineers and owners in a manner that best suits the reader
  • Negotiate and resolve change order disputes to the readers' advantage
  • Manage paperwork so nothing get “overlooked”
  • Strengthen position when preparing for arbitration or litigation.