Craftsman's Illustrated Dictionary of Construction Terms

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ISBN-13: 9781572180086
ISBN-10: 1572180080
Author: James T Frane
Pages: 416

Craftsman's Illustrated Dictionary of Construction Terms contains hundreds of construction terms, materials, drawings and pictures with detailed, illustrated articles describing sometimes little known equipment and methods. This publication is both a reference book and a practical how-to manual filled with illustrated articles that explain how work should be done and what materials and equipment are required. Detailed articles cover most residential, commercial and light industrial construction, including asphalt paving, boilers, conduit, cranes, hydraulic lifts, insulation materials, kicker blocks, mortar, offset studs, oxygen cutting, pilings, PVC pipe, rafters, roofs, subsurface exploration, welding, wellpoint dewatering and many, many more. Defines hundreds of up-to-date construction terms not included in other similar encyclopedias or dictionaries.