Estimating for Residential Construction

Brand: Cengage
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ISBN-13: 9781111308872
ISBN-10: 111130887X
Author: David Pratt
Pages: 352

Estimating for Residential Construction 2nd Edition is a visual, reader-friendly introduction to estimating residential construction projects. The book details the steps involved in accurately preparing a cost estimate including how to price excavation and site work, concrete, carpentry, masonry, plumbing, heating and electrical work, as well as the general expenses and sub-trade work. It also covers the impact of green building practices. The book offers specifics on how to prepare a bill of materials from a takeoff, summarize and prepare a bid for a custom home, assess markup on an estimate and review a bid before it is submitted to the client. It covers the basic math of residential work early on, devotes an entire chapter to remodeling, and provides "tips of the trade" from professionals in every chapter.