Gypsum Fire Resistance Design Manual 21st Edition

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ISBN-13: 9781557018502
ISBN-10: 1557018502
Pages: 305

Gypsum Fire Resistance Design Manual 21st Edition (GA-600-15) is a specification aid for those concerned with the design, construction or inspection of fire resistive and sound control systems that utilize gypsum products to provide fire resistance to walls, partitions, floor-ceilings, roof-ceilings, columns, beams, girders and trusses. The publication includes more than 700 systems, almost 100 of which are new assemblies that supplement and expand existing systems. Among these are 20 new head-of-wall and base-of-wall systems that significantly expand options for perimeter relief. Systems are classified according to their typical uses and their fire-resistance ratings. A section on strain relief systems containing fire-resistance rated control joint and perimeter relief details is also included. Every system in the book is designed and evaluated to meet specific levels of fire resistance.