2012 I-Quest International Building Code

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ISBN-13: 9781609831363
ISBN-10: 1609831365

2012 I-Quest International Building Code is a powerful tool contains the complete searchable text of the 2012 International Building Code. I-Quest's Folio search engine allows users to:

  • Enjoy multiple search capabilities
  • Utilize hyperlinks to sections and tables within each code
  • Copy and paste text, figures and tables
  • Highlight and bookmark frequently used sections
  • Add your own searchable notes to text or hide them
  • Use the "Update" feature to keep your code current and receive updates of subsequent printings

Bonus material includes helpful resources such as excerpts from code references, historical background on code changes, informative articles from ICC's Building Safety Journal, Internet links to many useful tools, and more.

CD-ROM. Not MAC-compatible. 1-seat license.