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Plumbing 301

Brand: Cengage
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ISBN-13: 9781337391764
ISBN-10: 133739176X
Author: PHCC Educational Foundation
Pages: 576
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Plumbing 301 2nd Edition is a training reference designed for third-year plumbing apprentices. It uses a straightforward, clear writing style and the most current plumbing and gas code references to deliver the "need-to-know" information for both commercial and residential plumbers. Coverage begins with basic installation practices and progresses to include pre-planning, blueprint reading, the National Fuel Gas Code and surveying instruments. It also contains special chapters devoted to the math and science of plumbing, as well as discussions of water heaters, water treatment, trench safety, electrical controls and wiring. This book is the third-year title in a four-year series of plumbing apprentice training books developed by Delmar Cengage Learning and the Plumbing-Heating-Cooling Contractors (PHCC) Educational Foundation. The series takes a spiral approach to address critical plumbing concepts, in which topics introduced in the first year book are revisited in more detail in subsequent books. This is ideal for anyone new to the field, as it mimics the most common learning experience - as plumbing apprentices and professionals gain more field experience they gain more in-depth knowledge.