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ISBN-13: 9781111307776
ISBN-10: 1111307776
Author: Michael A Joyce
Pages: 689
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Residential Construction Academy: Plumbing 2nd Edition provides a step-by-step approach to residential plumbing installations. Focusing on "green" advancement in the plumbing trades, the book thoroughly explains the process of installing residential plumbing systems. It illustrates topics such as tools of the trade and proper safety measures. It follows code compliance and offers various tips to increase readers' on-the-job productivity. Logically organized to build a foundation of knowledge, this book progresses from the installation of common fixtures to troubleshooting techniques. An emphasis on creative plumbing layout and the importance of understanding code variations will foster readers' understanding of plumbing system installation that is based on typical owner situations as well as unique jobsite conditions.

Based on National Skills Standards for residential construction created by The Home Builders Institute (HBI) and the Nationial Association of Home Builders (NAHB).