PlumbingCalc Pro

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PlumbingCalc Pro (Calculated Industries 4094) is a powerful handheld calculator that gives plumbing professionals fast, accurate solutions to help them calculate flow and dimensional math quickly and easily. Calculations include:

  • Right angles, offset pipe lengths
  • Fitting angles, bends, slopes, percent grades, drops
  • Feet-inch-fractions
  • Pipe areas, fill weights
  • Flow rates, velocity, force, volumes
  • Pressure loss for any pipe size, type or distance
  • Complete building, plumbing and metric unit conversions
  • Built-in pipe data
  • Works as a standard calculator.


Choose a pipe material and pipe type and enter size to get diameters, wall thickness, filled weight per foot and internal area.

Seven different pipe materials including steel, stainless steel, brass, aluminum, cast iron, plastic and copper.

PlumbingCalc Pro is ideal for skilled plumbers who design, install and maintain plumbing systems in commercial, industrial, municipal and residential projects.

Dedicated functions include:

  • Flow rates, celocity, force, volumes
  • Pipe area, fill weights
  • Angles, slopes, percent grades, drops
  • Pressure loss for any pipe size, type or distance
  • Right angle math, 90° and 45° offsets
  • Calculate offset pipe length
  • Feet-inch-fractions



  • Rugged, shock-, moisture- and dust-resistant Armadillo Gear case
  • Quick reference guide and complete, easy-to-follow user guide
  • Two 1.5 volt LR-44/A76 long-life batteries
  • One-year limited warranty.