Stormwater Management for Land Development

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ISBN-13: 9780471721772
ISBN-10: 0471721778
Author: Thomas A Seybert
Pages: 392

Stormwater Management for Land Development: Methods and Calculations for Quantity Control is an introductory guide to hydraulics, hydrology and stormwater management design. It is a unique, much-needed book on developing stormwater management plans that only requires readers to understand algebra, trigonometry and geometry. Beginning with the fundamentals, it walks readers through the ABCs of fluid mechanics and hydrology and presents practical methods and designs to control stormwater. Useful to the growing group of professional surveyors and engineers who may not have taken fluid mechanics or hydrology courses, the book features:

  • Sections on elementary fluid mechanics including statics, dynamics and open channel flow
  • Sections on practical hydrology including design rainfall, travel time, and runoff methods
  • Material on NRCS/SCS unit hydrograph and TR-55 tabular hydrograph procedures, with reference to the latest WinTR-55 variant
  • Design methods for stormwater conveyance, including storm sewer, culvert, and open channel designs
  • A detailed procedure for sizing and designing a multiple stage outlet structure for multiple event detention requirements
  • More than 75 example problems illustrating fluid flow and hydrology calculation methods
  • Review problems at the end of most chapters.

The book includes more than 150 helpful illustrations and is the most comprehensive, basic guide to hydraulics, hydrology and stormwater management design methods for quantity control.