2012 Uniform Plumbing Code (Looseleaf)

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2012 Uniform Plumbing Code contains minimum standards and requirements for the design, construction, installation, quality of materials, location, operation, maintenance and use of plumbing systems. It addresses general plumbing work in most types of occupancies, from one- and two-family dwellings to medical health care facilities and commercial buildings. Significant changes include:

  • Revised provisions for the minimum number of plumbing fixtures required per occupancy
  • Revised application, water consumption, backflow and material requirements for plumbing fixtures
  • New alternate water source requirements that include provisions for gray water systems, reclaimed (recycled) water systems, potable and nonpotable rainwater catchment systems and on-site treated water systems
  • New sustainable practice requirements that apply to water consumption and water heating
  • Revised fuel gas purging requirements
  • Revised vacuum drainage system requirements
  • Revised and updated joint and connection requirements based on applicable standards for water supply and drainage piping based on pipe material.


Looseleaf. Includes tabs.