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Practical Problems in Mathematics for Electricians

Brand: Cengage
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ISBN-13: 9781111313470
ISBN-10: 1111313474
Author: Stephen L Herman
Pages: 276
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Practical Problems in Mathematics for Electricians 9th Edition helps readers electrical trade-related math skills. The book introduces readers to important math principles through problems designed for the electrical profession and offers readers an excellent opportunity to develop and practice problem-solving skills while at the same time providing a valuable review of electrical terminology. The book uses the same straightforward writing style and simple, step-by-step explanations that made previous editions so reader-friendly. It minimizes theory and emphasizes problem solving techniques and practice problems. This new edition also includes updated illustrations and information for a better learning experience than ever before! The book begins with basic arithmetic and then, once these basic topics have been mastered, progresses to algebra and concludes with trigonometry. Practical problems with real-world scenarios from the electrical field are used throughout, allowing readers to apply key mathematical concepts while developing an awareness of basic electrical terms and practices. This book is ideal for anyone entering the electrical industry or simply looking to brush up on the necessary math.