Construction Business Management

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ISBN-13: 9780876298251
ISBN-10: 0876298250
Author: Nick B Ganaway
Pages: 201

Construction Business Management presents knowledge gained by the author over a career in the construction industry to help contractors, builders and subcontractors minimize the pain and risk of operating a construction business, particularly in the first few years. Topics include:

  • The duties of the owner of a successful construction business
  • Essential terms and conditions to include and exclude in contracts
  • Commandments to follow to ensure payment, including step-by-step change-order procedures to avoid disputes and non-payment
  • Strict do's and don'ts of mechanics liens including when an owner goes bankrupt
  • What must be done administratively before breaking ground on every project
  • How to select, hire and keep golden employees
  • Ways to target, check-out, land and retain profitable customers
  • Effective marketing even the smallest contractor can afford
  • How to identify and select accountants, lawyers and insurance agents
  • The What, When, Where and Why of licensing and registration.

Particular attention is paid to the case for specialization, or niche contracting, a strategy that allows a contractor to become more knowledgeable in a field, be seen as an insider, become sought after and achieve a more profitable business.