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Energy-Efficient Building Systems

Brand: McGraw Hill
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ISBN-13: 9780071482820
ISBN-10: 0071482822
Author: Lal Jayamaha
Pages: 288
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Energy-Efficient Building Systems: Green Strategies for Operation and Maintenance is a one-stop guide to operating and maintaining commercial building systems at peak efficiency. Designed to help reduce energy costs and meet environmental standards, this state-of-the-art productivity tool contains fully illustrated, real-world examples of successful green building projects that have achieved significant, energy-saving results. This expert resource takes readers step-by-step through procedures for getting optimal performance from every building system. For each system, the book presents the latest methods for improving efficiency; identifying promising new solutions; evaluating their feasibility, and estimating actual savings. Comprehensive and authoritative, the book enables readers to:

  • Get an in-depth understanding of the principles of each building system
  • Select the most efficient systems for any nonresidential building
  • Maximize energy efficiency with practical strategies and solutions
  • Review real-world examples of successful green building projects.