Handbook of Ground Water Development

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ISBN-13: 9780471856115
ISBN-10: 0471856118
Author: Roscoe Moss Company
Pages: 512

Handbook of Ground Water Development offers comprehensive and accurate coverage of the theory and techniques of ground water development. This publication provides not only a general overview of the topic with applications but also incorporates sufficient detail to be of use to professionals involved in any phase of ground water. Divided into three parts, the text traces the progression of the study of ground water from its origin through its development and exploitation. Part one deals mainly with the nature of ground water and where it can be found. Part two considers the parameters related to water well design and construction. In part three, there is a thorough review of well and well field operation, including monitoring for environmental protection. Although the focus is on high-capacity ground water producing installations, most of the material is also applicable to lower-yield wells.