How to Architect

Brand: MIT Press
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ISBN-13: 9780262516990
ISBN-10: 0262516993
Author: Doug Patt
Pages: 144

How to Architect presents the basics of architecture in A-Z form, starting with "A is for Asymmetry" (as seen in Chartres Cathedral and Frank Gehry), detouring through "N is for Narrative," and ending with "Z is for Zeal" (a quality that successful architects tend to have, even in fiction--see The Fountainhead's architect-hero Howard Roark). The book is designed to guide readers on the road to architecture. If just starting on the journey or thinking about becoming an architect, it is a place to begin. If already an architect and want to be reminded of the attractions of the profession, it is a book of affirmation. And if just curious about what goes into the design and construction of buildings, this book tells how architects think. Each entry is introduced with a hand-drawn letter and includes illustrations that illuminate the concept discussed.