Mechanical and Electrical Systems in Buildings

Brand: Prentice Hall
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ISBN-13: 9780138015626
ISBN-10: 0138015627
Author: Richard R Janis; William KY Tao
Pages: 672

Mechanical and Electrical Systems in Buildings 5th Edition is a comprehensive reference that illuminates the modern realities of planning and constructing buildings with efficient, sustainable mechanical and electrical systems. Throughout, the book places mechanical and electrical systems design in the overall context of the built environment and extensively addresses engineers’ teamwork with architects, owners and facility managers to provide high-quality, productive environments which reflect both environmental and cost concerns. Focusing on the “what,” “why,” and “how” of ME systems, the book incorporates new developments in all major disciplines, including electrical, lighting, telecom, plumbing and HVAC. New coverage in this edition includes: HVAC design using VRF and chilled beam technologies; energy reclaim systems; dedicated outside air systems; assessment of solar thermal system efficiency; new fuel cell technology; updates on the economics of cogeneration, and more.