Moving the Earth

Brand: McGraw Hill
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ISBN-13: 9781260011647
ISBN-10: 126001164X
Author: Herbert Nichols; David Day; Aaron Cohen; Robert Schmitt
Pages: 672

Moving The Earth: Excavation Equipment, Methods, Safety And Cost 7th Edition is the industry-standard guide to earthmoving and machines. This fully updated resource covers every aspect of site preparation and management, and details the machines and vehicles needed to perform each task. The book was written by a team of excavation experts and helps readers choose the right approach for any job, select appropriate equipment, and understand the related safety requirements. The book presents clear explanations of the different types of excavation methods, including compaction, grading, blasting, structural excavation and aggregate production. The text also provides examples of how to calculate machine production. Coverage includes cost estimation and planning; soil and rock; machine fundamentals; dozers; land clearing; excavators and loaders; trucks and trailers; scrapers; structural excavation; trenching and trenchless technologies; compaction, stabilization and finishing; compressors and drills; blasting; aggregate processing.