Plumbing Estimating Methods

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ISBN-13: 9780876297049
ISBN-10: 0876297041
Author: Joseph J Galeno; Sheldon T Greene
Pages: 381

Plumbing Estimating Methods 3rd Edition offers comprehensive coverage of all aspects of estimating plumbing projects.

  • Residential, commercial, industrial and medical systems
  • The most common plumbing materials and methods, subsystems and components
  • Pricing quantities for an estimate and calculating markup
  • Preparing bids
  • Best techniques for using Means Plumbing Cost Data
  • Sample takeoff and estimate forms.

Includes special sections on change order analysis, estimating for additions, and alterations to existing systems. Also covers budget and assemblies estimating. A complete sample estimate shows you how to perform each step in the estimating process, making it easy to follow the authors methods.