Preventive Maintenance for Multi-Family Housing

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ISBN-13: 9780876297834
ISBN-10: 0876297831
Author: John C Maciha
Pages: 290

Preventive Maintenance for Multi-Family Housing: For Apartment Communities, Condominium Associations & Town Home Developments presents a complete preventative maintenance system for apartment and condominium communities featuring (i) expert guidance, (ii) checklists, (iii) a reusable wall chart to track maintenance and (iv) customizable electronic forms. The book puts easy-to-use guidelines right at readers' fingertips for the what, when, why and how much of multi-family preventive maintenance. Field tested in a range of apartment communities, it puts everything all in one place to:

  • Conduct a current maintenance audit of all major interior and exterior systems and components
  • Schedule on-going preventive maintenance inspections
  • Monitor repairs
  • Implement money-saving preventive maintenance procedures
  • Tend to wear factors and maintenance requirements of the most common construction materials
  • Estimate maintenance and repair projects with confidence
  • Get control of your maintenance budget

More than 40 preventive maintenance checklists make this a ready-to-use tool. Easy to reproduce and customize, the programs inspection checklists help you conduct a complete baseline maintenance audit of every major building system and componentschedule and conduct routine maintenance inspectionsimplement proactive replacementand initiate appropriate repairs. All areas of the facility and grounds are covered, including lighting, security systems, fire safety, laundry rooms, building entryways and common areas, fitness and recreation areas, decks and balconies, HVAC systems, roofing, landscaping, parking and dozens more. Also includes sample work orders, repair costs, budget guidelines, a dedicated Web site with customizable forms and checklists and a laminated wall chart to track preventative maintenance tasks.