Rectangular Industrial Duct Construction Standards (SI)

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ISBN-13: 9781617210624
ISBN-10: 1617210625

Rectangular Industrial Duct Construction Standards 2nd Edition is intended for use by contractors, fabricators and designers of air pollution control, pneumatic conveyance and industrial ventilation systems. It expands the scope of the original text to incorporate a revised theory of design, new materials and more user-friendly tables. Includes new tables for stainless steels and aluminum, plus expanded chapters on materials, welding practices and a guide specification. Covers the simple, low or moderate temperature and pressure (or vacuum) indoor systems as well as the more complex outdoor systems that operate at moderate to high temperature and pressure (or vacuum), and are subject to higher and more complex external loading. The differences between this publication and the IP versions are (i) data is expressed in metric units and (ii) ratings are based on the use of materials produced per ISO standards, making the information directly usable in the international market.

SMACNA 1943.

Format: SI | Metric.