Steel Structures Design for Lateral and Vertical Forces

Brand: McGraw Hill
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ISBN-13: 9781259588013
ISBN-10: 1259588017
Author: Alan Williams
Pages: 688

Steel Structures Design for Lateral and Vertical Forces 2nd Edition covers the fundamentals of behavior and the latest design methods for a variety of steel structures and loads. This comprehensive resource includes information on AISC codes and expanded coverage of seismic loads, as well as new design methods for multi-story frames, gable frames and grid frameworks. A new chapter on lateral loads provides explanations of traditional design methods as well as newer innovations in buckling-restrained braces and steel plate shear walls. End-of-chapter problems and solutions apply each concept to real-world design situations and show how code requirements are applied to both the ASD and LRFD methods. Covers the 2015 International Building Code and the AISC 325-05 and 327-12 codes Each chapter presents engineering fundamentals followed by concise explanations of relevant building codes. Design examples and step-by-step solutions illustrate practical applications of each requirement.

Updated to 2015 International Building Code.