Tolerance Manual for Precast and Prestressed Concrete Construction

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ISBN-13: 9780937040621
ISBN-10: 0937040622
Pages: 181

Tolerance Manual for Precast and Prestressed Concrete Construction is intended to assist designers, producers and erectors of products for the building industry in determining the proper tolerances in every phase of the building process. The manual contains a wealth of information covering both plant-cast and site-cast precast and precast prestressed concrete. The tolerances contained within the manual are based on current modern precast concrete production techniques. The report preface points out that its intent is to provide the tools to enable the party responsible for tolerances to develop a tolerance plant that will lead to a successful project. The nearly 200-page manual defines the custom nature of building construction, defines tolerance categories, identifies tolerance issues, discusses responsibility for project dimensional control and describes mechanisms for handling tolerance discrepancies. Other sections of the document deal with a variety of issues, beginning with definition of tolerance related terms, relationships among various tolerance groups, product tolerances, special tolerance considerations, individual product tolerance listings, erection tolerances, mixed building system erection tolerances, clearance considerations, interfacing tolerances, design approaches for interfacing tolerance systems and characteristics of a tolerance interface. Later sections in the manual include a variety of typical tolerance related details as well as examples of tolerance detailing related calculations. Appendices provide examples of specification language and sample contract language. The manual contains information vital to architects, engineers, general contractors, precast and prestressed concrete producers, quality control agencies and other interfacing building trades.