Accounting & Financial Management For Residential Construction

Brand: BuilderBooks
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ISBN-13: 9780867186352
ISBN-10: 0867186356
Author: Emma S Shinn
Pages: 212

Accounting & Financial Management for Residential Construction 5th Edition is a solid resource for builders, remodelers, developers and contractors that provides detailed information on how an accounting system operates and the basic principles for processing financial data. This publication includes the updated NAHB Chart of Accounts and explains:

  • How technology facilitates procedures for such items as accounts payable, change orders and payroll and how it impacts processing systems
  • The impact of additional management reports and how they can enhance and facilitate a manager's job
  • The key measurements that residential construction professionals should track
  • The integration of job cost accounting with estimating, purchasing and scheduling
  • The profit center concept for multiple-project companies and its reporting requirements
  • How to guide and evaluate your company's financial performance.