Builder's Guide to Drainage & Retaining Walls

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ISBN-13: 9781889892672
ISBN-10: 188989267X
Author: Max Schwartz; Hamid Azizi
Pages: 304

Builder's Guide to Drainage & Retaining Walls is an introduction to the important topics of drainage systems and retaining walls used to achieve level grade, both of critical importance to most construction projects. This book contains data on average rainfall and runoff requirements so readers can figure gutters, downspouts and roof drainage, and install appropriate waterproofing and dampproofing in basements and crawlspaces. The book also gives details for determining slope drainage, doing the grading, complying with street drainage requirements, and dealing with lots with septic systems. Many types of retaining wall are covered, including modular unit walls, bin and crib walls and more. Finally, the book includes tables for estimating concrete quantities for both poured-in-place and masonry and concrete walls. Includes detailed recommendations for retaining walls in most of the situations youre likely to encounter.

Softcover. Includes CD-ROM.