Builder's Guide to Swimming Pool Construction

Brand: BuilderBooks
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ISBN-13: 9781889892504
ISBN-10: 1889892505
Author: Max Schwartz
Pages: 244

Builder's Guide to Swimming Pool Construction 2nd Edition is a practical how-to guide for building contractors looking to enter the field of swimming pool construction. It contains information on everything from how to pull permits to surveying, planning and layout for a typical pool, including how to read a soils report. Readers will learn about excavation, backfill, soil compaction, sand and gravel bedding and drainage requirements, as well as mechanical systems such as pumps, heaters, filters, skimmers and solar systems. Covers underground piping, including drain, supply, gas and electrical work, including grounding and supply to breaker, pump, underwater lighting, heaters cast-in-place and sprayed concrete and modern pool finishes. Shows wood and pre-fabricated metal forms for walls, steps, spas, equipment base and diving board base, and how to install bar and mesh steel reinforcement. Includes information on scheduling and a section on estimating labor, material and equipment costs.

Softcover. Includes CD-ROM.