Builder's Guide to Stucco Lath & Plaster

Brand: BuilderBooks
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ISBN-13: 9781889892726
ISBN-10: 1889892726
Author: Max Schwartz; Walter F Pruter
Pages: 284

Builder's Guide to Stucco Lath & Plaster is a practical manual that covers every aspect of stucco design, construction and repair. It includes techniques for attaching stucco to wood frames, steel frames, sheathed material or masonry, as well as step-by-step instructions on how to install flashing, corner beads, casing beads, control joints, weather-resistant barriers, exterior insulation systems and one-coat stucco systems. Shows the recommended method for mixing and applying stucco, both manually and by machine, and illustrates techniques for producing different textures and for creating decorative plaster work such as implants and molds. Explains how to estimate labor and material costs for stucco, as well as equipment rental fees. Also includes practical instructions for stucco maintenance and repair.

Softcover. Includes CD.