Design Considerations for a Precast Prestressed Apartment Building

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ISBN-13: 9780937040096
ISBN-10: 0937040096
Pages: 224

Design Considerations for a Precast Prestressed Apartment Building is a special volume consisting of a series of eight papers which first appeared in the PCI JOURNAL. These papers, authored by nationally-prominent consulting engineers, give a step-by-step design procedure for constructing a typical high-rise precast prestressed concrete building from conceptual planning to final erection. The titles of the eight papers and their respective authors are:

  • Design Problem (Eugene P Holland; Laurence E Svab)
  • Analysis of Lateral Load Resisting Elements (John V Christiansen)
  • Design of Load Bearing Wall Panels (Charles H Raths)
  • Design of Secondary Floor Members (Michael H Barrett; Neil F Dunbar; David D Gillespie)
  • Design of Frame (Richard M Gensert; Miklos Peller; Kirit Parikh; Richard Y Fujita)
  • Design of Prestressed Concrete Pile Foundations (George C Fotinos)
  • Design for Erection Considerations (Alfred A Yee; Fred R Masuda)
  • Design Against Progressive Collapse (Alexander Popoff Jr).