Graphic Standards Field Guide to Hardscape

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ISBN-13: 9780470429655
ISBN-10: 0470429658
Author: Leonard J Hopper
Pages: 496

Graphic Standards Field Guide to Hardscape conveys the most common answers that landscape architects need in the real world when visiting a construction site, and meeting with architects and engineers or clients and contractors. The book is presented in a highly visual and easily portable format and is organized to follow a logical project sequence from site evaluation of existing conditions through construction maintenance. Coverage includes assessing existing conditions, site work, bases and paving, site improvements and materials.

  • Quick access to essential information when away from the studio
  • Things to look for when assessing existing conditions during preliminary design site visits or pre-construction meetings
  • Graphic Standards quality details accompanied by real-world photographs of best construction practices and techniques
  • Illustrations that help troubleshoot problems and provide on-the-spot solutions
  • A list of common construction mistakes and problems to avoid
  • Compact format that's easy to reference and carry along.