Graphic Guide to Frame Construction

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ISBN-13: 9781631863721
ISBN-10: 163186372X
Author: Robert Thallon
Pages: 256

Graphic Guide to Frame Construction: Fourth Edition, Revised and Updated is the latest version of a classic reference on residential frame construction with wood. The book a comprehensive visual handbook filled with hundreds of meticulous drawings that show every precise detail readers need to know about framing with wood. It is also updated with information on new materials, construction methods and building code revisions. Examples presented within the book are taken from actual job sites, reliable and field-tested information readers can put to work immediately. Features (i) step-by-step details for advanced framing; (ii) how to use modern-engineered and composite materials; (iii) strategies for building in high wind and seismic areas; (iv) expert advice on foundations, floors, walls, roofs and stairs

Includes more than 500 drawings and images.