Interior Design Illustrated: Marker and Watercolor Techniques

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ISBN-13: 9781609019174
ISBN-10: 1609019172
Author: Christina M Scalise
Pages: 432

Interior Design Illustrated: Marker and Watercolor Techniques 2nd Edition helps users develop strong hand visual communication skills through the medium of hand-rendered drawings. A step-by-step approach, with simple illustrations and instructions that progress from beginner to intermediate skill levels, teaches users how to visualize interior space, perspective and details such as pattern and texture, and to render a vision with markers and watercolors. Lessons are structured around small tasks to ensure users become proficient with one rendering skill before moving on to another. The text and numerous illustrations reinforce each other to make the lessons easily accessible to visual learners. Comprehensive coverage includes architectural features, wall and floor finishes, furniture and design enhancements such as artwork, plants, tabletops and accessories.