Mechanical and Electrical Equipment for Buildings

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ISBN-13: 9781118615904
ISBN-10: 1118615905
Author: Walter T Grondzik; Alison G Kwok
Pages: 1856

Mechanical and Electrical Equipment for Buildings 12th Edition is the industry standard reference that comprehensively covers all aspects of building systems. The book contains more than 2,200 drawings and photographs and discusses basic theory, preliminary building design guidelines and detailed design procedure for buildings of all sizes. This edition includes more than 300 new illustrations plus information on the latest design trends, codes and technologies. A companion website offers new interactive features including animations, additional case studies, quizzes and more. The book covers both active controls, like air conditioners and heaters, as well as passive controls like daylighting and natural ventilation. Because these systems comprise the entire energy use and costs of a building's life, the book stresses the importance of sustainability considerations during the design process, by both architects and builders. The book is authored by two leading green design educators and provides the most current information on low-energy architecture, including topics like context, comfort and environmental resources; indoor air quality and thermal control; illumination, acoustics and electricity; fire protection, signal systems and transportation.