Moisture Control Handbook

John Wiley & Sons Inc
Joseph Lstiburek; John Carmody
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Moisture Control Handbook: Principles and Practices for Residential and Small Commercial Buildings is a reference that applies up-to-date moisture control and treatment techniques in a problem/solution format. The book begins with an introductory explanation of the nature and causes of mold, mildew and condensation and gives specific advice on heated, cooled and combination environments, plus a short course in the dynamics of moisture movement within buildings. Other coverage includes:

  • Clear, detailed recommended practices for all United States climates
  • Practices for cooling as well as heating climates (often, heating climate solutions are applied in cooling climates, where problems and solutions are completely different)
  • An overall, systematic view of moisture problems, including how mechanical systems and occupant lifestyles can create and also resolve moisture problems
  • Case studies of buildings with moisture problems illustrate principles and practices presented in the book.

This book is a detailed, no-nonsense exploration of moisture cause and effect, as well as its protection and remediation, will expand readers' knowledge on this crucial subject.