The Architect's Guide to Small Firm Management

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ISBN-13: 9780470466483
ISBN-10: 0470466480
Author: Rena M Klein
Pages: 240

The Architect's Guide to Small Firm Management: Making Chaos Work for Your Small Firm is the definitive guide to management success for sole practitioners and leaders of small design firms. Crucial topics such as self-aware leadership, people management, technology, financial health, scenario planning, sustainable practice and future trends are examined using real-life case studies and business model paradigms. This reference explores the whole system experience of a small firm practice to deliver organizational strategies proven to keep a firm's creative mission on a steady, productive path. The book addresses how small firm owners can (i) deal effectively with unexpected circumstances and shifting work requirements; (ii) meet the demands of the marketplace while creating a satisfying workplace; (iii) set and achieve goals in an environment of constant change.