Turfgrass Soil Fertility and Chemical Problems

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ISBN-13: 9781575041537
ISBN-10: 1575041537
Author: RN Carrow; DV Waddington; PE Rieke
Pages: 420

Turfgrass Soil Fertility and Chemical Problems: Assessment and Management will:

  • Help readers pinpoint the effectiveness of fertilizer programs to ensure turfgrass quality, water quality and environmental integrity
  • Help readers understand a multitude of turfgrass species and cultivars and their complex nutrient responses or requirements
  • Explain site-specific fertilization, covering issues such as establishment on poor quality soils and the use of low-quality irrigation water
  • Show readers how fertilization is important for environmental, traffic and stress tolerance, as well as recovery
  • Show readers how to apply the interpretation of soil, tissue and water-quality test information in the development of fertilization regimes.