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2018 Permit Technician Study Companion

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ISBN-13: 9781609838003
ISBN-10: 1609838009
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2018 Permit Technician Study Companion is a self-study guide that covers many of the subjects of specific interest to permit technicians. It contains 2018 International Building Code information on administration, occupancy groups, types of construction, interior environment and existing buildings as well as zoning and sign requirements of the 2018 International Zoning Code. The book also references ICC's Basic Code Enforcement as well as legal information found in Legal Aspects of Code Administration. Features include (i) 14 study sessions; (ii) 350 study questions with answer key; (iii) applicable code text and code clarification; (iv) helpful illustrations. This publication is an essential study tool for permit technicians and code enforcement personnel and a great learning reference for the Permit Technician Certification exam.