Construction Graphics

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ISBN-13: 9780470137505
ISBN-10: 0470137509
Author: Keith A Bisharat
Pages: 480

Construction Graphics: A Practical Guide to Interpreting Working Drawings 2nd Edition demonstrates what construction graphics mean to managers of the construction process and how readers can make the best use of them. From site excavation to forming, roof and electrical systems, it provides up-to-date material and helpful exercises on the critical tasks involved in constructing a project from graphic depictions of it. The book gives readers an overview of graphic communication, the construction business environment, the design professional's work product and construction drawing fundamentals, and adds valuable new commentary on important topics, including Building Information Modeling (BIM), project delivery systems, interpreting working drawings, similarities between residential and commercial building construction drawings, executing a site section in preparation for an earth quantity take-off, commentary on welding and welding symbology and adhering to the Construction Specifications Institute's UniFormat classification system.