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National Contractor's Exam Study Guide

Brand: McGraw Hill
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ISBN-13: 9780071489072
ISBN-10: 007148907X
Author: R Dodge Woodson
Pages: 359
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National Contractor's Exam Study Guide contains construction-related questions and answers designed to assist readers acquire the skills, knowledge and confidence needed to pass the National Contractor's Exam. The book contains 1,500 questions and answers presented in the same format as those used on the actual exam and includes both references to the 2006 International Building Code and many helpful illustrations. Coverage includes every topic covered on the National Contractor's Exam, including use and occupancy classification; general building heights and areas; types of construction; interior finishes; fire protection systems; means of egress; accessibility; interior environment; energy efficiency; exterior walls; roof assemblies and rooftop structures; structural design; soils and foundations; concrete; aluminum; masonry; steel; wood; glass and glazing; gypsum board and plaster; electrical; mechanical systems; plumbing systems; elevators and conveying systems; safeguards during construction.