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Plumbing Venting: Decoding Chapter 9 of the IPC

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ISBN-13: 9798682471379
Author: Bob Scott
Pages: 194
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Plumbing Venting: Decoding Chapter 9 of the IPC 2nd Edition is an in-depth illustrated manual dedicated to venting methods presented in the International Plumbing Code and International Residential Code. This heavily illustrated guide shows correct and incorrect examples of common venting, horizontal and vertical wet-venting, combination waste and vent, circuit venting, single stack venting and more based on the criteria established in Chapter 9 of the 2021 International Plumbing Code and Chapter 31 of the 2021 International Residential Code, as well as previous editions of each. The book discusses nuances of each method in detail and provides examples of how and where to use each method.