Audel Water Well Pumps and Systems Mini-Ref

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ISBN-13: 9781118114803
ISBN-10: 1118114809
Author: Roger D Woodson
Pages: 192

Audel Water Well Pumps and Systems Mini-Ref is a small field book that covers how water well pumps and systems work, how to troubleshoot problems unique to this type of piping system and how to make common repairs for both above ground and submersible pumps. It contains vital and specific references applicable to a wide range of professions, including plumbers, well drillers, electricians, pump suppliers, pump retailers, plumbing supply companies and well system suppliers.

  • Focuses on the must-have information to trouble-shoot, solve problems and make water well pump repairs
  • Clears up the mysteries of jet pumps, two pipe systems, pressure settings and accumulator sizing
  • Illustrations and data formatted for quick look up and understanding
  • Discusses pumping system issues concerning municipalities, golf courses, maintenance professionals, big-box stores, irrigation installers, irrigation suppliers and farm suppliers.